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    With growing popularity of Laughter Yoga Clubs, more and more people want to get involved, but at times they do not have a Laughter Club in their area. In such circumstances, you can easily recommend people to join the Skype Laughter club which will help them to laugh everyday and reap the benefits of Laughter Yoga.

    How to join Skype Laughter Club:


    Send a Skype contact add request to "laughterclub" to be added and get invited to the laughter session.

    The leader will send out a group message ~10 minutes before the session inviting you to join. If you missed the group invite, please send us a message that you want to join, do not call. Then the leader will call you inviting you to the Skype conference.

    Answer the call and just start laughing saying ha, ha, ha ...

    The session will last about 10 minutes or more. You don’t have to laugh outloud all the time and you can take time to do your diaphragmatic breaths. Staying hydrated during the sessions is also recommended.
    [PM 3:50:27] Dr Madan Kataria: The sessions are as follows:

    2 am GMT (Jagat and Radhika) Mon-Sat
    3 am GMT (Jagat and Radhika) Sun
    8 am GMT (Linda) Sat, Sun (Off)
    8 am GMT (Anu, Jane) Mon- Fri (Anu is off so Mon, Wed, and Fri are insecure, but Jane will try to be there)
    6:30pm GMT (Seva/Tonitrus) Every day!
    9 pm GMT (Antón) Mon-Fri (temporarily cancelled due to slow internet connection)
    + extra ones!!!

    Check out for time conversions!

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