Benefits of Laughter Clubs

  • A Boon For Seniors

    Laughter Clubs have been extremely beneficial in the case of seniors. At the fag end of their lives, faced with loneliness, depression and a loss of belonging, they find these Clubs, a refuge for filling a void in their lives. Their lost laughter is regained and they gain their confidence and self-worth. These Clubs are like an extended family providing joyful support and love – the essentials of happiness.Besides the emotional care, these Clubs also help them to exercise and regain their strength, stamina and energy which diminish with age and lack of physical activity.

    Healing Through Laughter Clubs

    Members of Laughter Clubs laugh together daily, or weekly. The healing effects of laughter are different for each person according to their physical, mental, emotional problems and needs. Many members with chronic pain, migraines, headaches and asthma have found attacks to become less frequent, and in some cases, to disappear completely. Some with high blood pressure, severe spinal, neck or shoulder problems and even diabetes have found their life normalizing eventually requiring no medication.

    Many members with depression, anxiety and chronic Stress-related diseases have reported moving from debilitating fear and anxiety to a more positive state of mind, transforming their quality of life.  People who have harbored bitterness, hatred and other long-term emotional problems that poisoned their bodily systems and their lives, have found their problems released through the cathartic effects of laughter, leaving them joyful and free.

    Even members with cancer have managed to shrug their fear and pain after a period of laughter.  It has helped them and their families to accept the situation in a more positive manner, and has helped reduce the trauma. Many students with emotional problems that have left them incapable of learning, have reported that after a period of laughter they have been able to continue their education and succeed.

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