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  • FAQ About Skype Laughter Club


    How can I join Skype laughterclub
    Add laughterclub to you Skype contacts. Be online at the time session starts.

    Where do I find the session times
    You can find the times on your own time zone at, or you can check the times from our Facebook page Skype laughterclub and click about. The times are shown in GMT to transfer it go to and insert your country and GMT there and it will tell you what the times are in your time zone. Or you can just look from your computer, what is the difference to GMT.

    How do I join the laughter
    Be online before the session starts. When you see laughterclub online, you can directly send a message to laughterclub to join. You find laughterclub in your contacts. (Please don’t use and old conversation, you get lost.)

    Laughterclub sends an invitation message. You can answer to it, but it is preferred to send a direct message to laughterclub.

    How to send a direct message to laughterclub
    In the invitation message right click Skype laughterclub and selec

    I do not want the invitation message
    Have you considered creating a new skype account name just for laughter? (e.g. laughtresteve123), this way you will only get invites when logged in and ready to laugh. If you do not think that you are not going to laugh at all, you can drop laughterclub from your contacts. Just left mouse click laughterclub in your contacts and select remove.

    Or you can select your status to be invisible or do not disturb.

    How can I leave the group
    Left mouse click the conversation in recent, select Leave Conversation

    Is talking allowed
    No just laughing and chatting.

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