• Laughter Yoga – Quick recharge Mechanism for Optimal Performance in Business

    Mood, energy levels and good oxygen supply are essential for optimal or peak performance. The lack of any one of these elements can lead to physical, emotional and mental stress which is counter productive. In fact, in the business world constant competition and a compulsive drive to stay ahead leads to stress and burnouts. People get exhausted from disproportionate and strenuous work and unrealistic goals which at times proves detrimental to the mental state and can make one feel fatigued and worn-out.

    Need for Quick Recharge

    It is not possible to carry on working continuously without taking breaks. By constantly working hard and overspending energy, there is a need for a quick recharge to help revive the energy levels. To release stress from the body, the first step is to cool down and reset the body and mind simultaneously.

    Sleep is nature's best mechanism to recharge so that we can work ably day after day.

    There are two types of sleep patterns:

    a) REM (Rapid Eye movement)- This is a stage of light sleep, usually associated with dreams and is not so relaxing as deep sleep.

    b) Deep sleep- (Non REM sleep) - This is a complete relaxing stage as the life energy force enters the body and effectively recharges the mechanism.

    The regeneration of new cells, healings and detoxification takes place during sleep. Unfortunately with a change in lifestyle many people today find it hard to go to sleep while others get up in between. This change is largely responsible for disturbed sleep and lack of real good sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to stress, restless mind, irritability, muscular spasm and fatigue. This in turn affects the performance at work and hampers optimal efficiency.

    Laughter Yoga - The Best Recharge Mechanism

    Laughter Yoga is the only exercise routine that works both on the body and mind simultaneously and effectively recharges the body system thus enabling it to perform to its optimum stage.

    As a recharge mechanism Laughter Yoga helps at many levels:

    • Improves the quality of sleep from REM to deep sleep which completes the rest pattern.
    • At the physical level, laughter is a muscle relaxant and produces endorphins a happy chemical which relaxes and generates happiness.

    • At the mental level laughter helps to reduce negative thoughts and elevates the state of mind thus improving the mood and increasing efficacy.
    • It also increases the net supply of oxygen vital for health and body functioning.
    • It removes toxins and cleanses the body of excess stale air and carbon dioxide thus allowing for more fresh air.
    • It boosts the immune system and increases blood circulation.

    How Laughter Yoga Helps To Recharge In Workplace

    According to the Ultradian rhythm of the body one cannot work with the same output for more than 90 minutes. Performance starts to decline after this and goes on decreasing for almost 20 minutes. The attention span and concentration levels fall and efficiency gets affected. People look for distractions like smoking, taking a walk etc. This pattern can get restrictive during training schedules, meetings, seminars and conferences.

    People working in the corporate sector are prone to mental stress due to work related pressures and also suffer physical symptoms of anxiety and tension. Lack of physical exercise further undermines health.

    Laughter Yoga is the best recharge mechanism for working people as studies have proved that just 10 minutes of Laughter Yoga gives the same result as an hour in the gym! The benefits gained help to get peak performance. It is an instant stress buster and helps to change the mood. It brings down tension and relieves people of their monotony at work.

    The positive state of mind is essential for determining the energy and enthusiasm levels. Your mood mainly depends upon your emotional balance and the ability to handle positive and negative emotions. If your emotional balance is negative, you will generate more negative emotions which will lead to stress, depression and low energy levels. While positive emotions release a positive chemical, endorphins. Also known as the ‘feel good hormones’, they put the person in a good mood.

    Did you know that these positive emotions can also be created by the use of movements and behavior in the body because of the two way link between the body and the mind?

    By doing laughter and breathing exercises, one can kick start the good hormones and feelings in the body that will elevate your mood instantly. This changes your entire perception of the outer world and brings out the best in you.

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