• Laughter Yoga Corporate Seminars

    Based on Dr. Kataria’s worldwide experience of conducting corporate seminars, we bring you these training sessions and workshops designed to help companies and organizations to transform their performance, increase profitability and become leaders in their field.  It has been scientifically proven that Laughter Yoga can have a profound effect on individual and corporate performance.



    Dr. Kataria being the founder and the originator of Laughter Yoga is a popular keynote speaker in high demand for conferences and events worldwide. He started the first laughter club with just 5 people in 1995 and today there are more than 6000 laughter clubs in 100 countries. This rapid worldwide growth of laughter movement occurred without any marketing and publicity.

    Laughter Yoga initially began as a social club movement but in view of the enormous benefits in every sphere of human interaction, it has now entered into the business world, companies and corporations, fitness centers, old age homes, schools, colleges, physically and mentally challenged institutes and hospitals and cancer groups. This is the first exercise routine with positive effects on the body mind and emotions.



    • To understand the new concept of Laughter Yoga.
    • To help people learn how to laugh in a group without jokes, humor and comedies.
    • Experience the multiple benefits of laughter on the body and mind.

    Target Audience: Managers, executives and staff of all levels / Group size of 20 – 120 members.

    Content & Methodology

    • A brief introductory talk
    • An AV presentation followed by a Laughter Yoga session
    • A short Q&A session


    Objective: This short laughter program is an ideal start to conferences and seminars.

    • To kick start a good mood and change the state of mind before conferences and seminars.
    • To energize the participants right from the start. This is followed by 5 minutes of energy boosting sessions every 2 – 3 hours.
    • To help increase the attention span during long training sessions and improve efficiency and performance.

    Target Audience: Ideally suited for long drawn HR and other training programs attended by senior and middle management / group size 50 – 150 or more.

    Content & Methodology

    A brief 5 min introduction of the concept followed by laughter and breathing exercises.  



    Objective: Focuses on different stressors in the workplace and how Laughter Yoga helps to alleviate them.

    • To reduce physical, mental and emotional stress.
    • To release the negative affects of stress in the body and mind and improve personal and group responses.
    • To provide training to prepare for stressful situations using ‘Laughter Boosting’ techniques.

    Target audience: Highly stressed CEOs, senior managers and executives.

    Content & Methodology

    • A short AV presentation on different types of stress and their harmful effects on the body and mind.
    • Laughter sessions especially designed to give a quick cardio workout followed by cooling down and breathing exercises.

    Participants will feel the relaxation almost instantly.


    Objective: People who laugh together work together.

    • Focuses on developing emotional intelligence through group laughter.
    • To improve group dynamics and performance.
    • To convert disparate groups (from different cultures and backgrounds) into a caring, sharing and cooperative team.

    Target audience: Executives, managers and supervisors dealing with groups.

    Content & Methodology

    • A brief lecture on how Laughter Yoga enhances team building attributes.
    • A short AV & PP presentation.
    • Laughter session and team building fun games.


    Objective: Focuses on how to boost your energy on demand for peak performance.

    • To change the state of mind and create a positive outlook to help increase efficiency levels and maximize performance.
    • To help prepare for stressful situations like interviews, exams, public speaking and important project presentations.

    Target Audience: Highly stressed executives, senior managers and CEOs / group size of 20 – 50 members.

    Content & Methodology

    • Short AV & PP presentations on how laughter reduces stress and improves competency.
    • Quick cardio laughter workout sessions followed by breathing and relaxation techniques.



    Objective: Focuses on techniques of Laughter Yoga for optimal functioning.

    • To learn laughter and breathing exercises in a group and experience the benefits.  
    • To provide insights and training on how to add more laughter and fun to your life.
    • Members are also trained in the powerful relaxation techniques developed by Dr. Kataria called Yoga Nidra and EX Relax. These offer a quick recharge from fatigue and stress. They reduce sleep disorders and provide a deep relaxation to the body and the mind.

    Target audience: All levels of management / Group size 20 – 50 members

    Content & Methodology

    • A lecture explaining the concept and its effectiveness.
    • AV & PP presentations followed by a Laughter Yoga session, Laughter Meditation, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and some humor active techniques and fun games.


    Laughter Yoga exercises are not only practiced in groups, they can also be done all by yourself.  In his workshop on Laughter Yoga Alone, Dr. Kataria teaches the scales of doing five breathing exercises based on Yoga Pranayama and five laughter exercises that boost the energy levels and makes one feel fresh and pumped up throughout the day. This helps to increase the performance level and work efficiency. 


    Science tells us we use only 10 per cent of our potential, rest of the 90 per cent of our creative energy lies dormant within us. Spiritual practices like unconditional laughter, breathing, and meditation can help activate that untapped potential.

    This is a three day journey with Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga movement and is based on his 13 years of experience of spreading laughter clubs in over 60 countries without any publicity and marketing.

    The concept of this retreat is derived from the ancient Indian metaphor about work-life balance. According to this philosophy life is like a house with five rooms:

     1. Self             2. Family        3. Work           4. Social         5. Spiritual

    We need to clean all these rooms for good housekeeping!  If we focus only on self and work and ignore the family, social and spiritual aspects, our life would become unbalanced. A dialogue program will allow people to reflect on their inner self. This contemplation of their own lives can be done several times during periods of silence and laughter.

    Don't Work Hard, Work Smart

    People using intelligence usually work hard as the human brain has limited intelligence. But, simple mediation teaches one to how to get connected with a ‘Higher Intelligence’ and work with unlimited potential.

    Tools of Spirituality

    These tools are derived from the knowledge based on Western psycho-analytical methods as well as Oriental spiritual disciplines. They will help to keep the spirits alive in the face of challenge.

    They will enhance the ability to laugh and smile when dealing with negative situations, negative and difficult people. They include: How does the human mind work? What is the meaning and purpose of life? Understanding the laws of the Universe that govern our life?

    What is spirituality? How to be spiritual? Do we need to go mountains or monasteries to be spiritual? What is the right age for spirituality?

    In this retreat you will learn to laugh from your deep within – a kind of unconditional laughter which flows out of your being like a fountain where you don’t have to make any effort to laugh. You will experience the union between your body, mind and spirit.

    What you will learn:

    • How to observe complete silence to enhance creative skills.
    • A dynamic gibberish meditation to clean the mind of unwanted thoughts.
    • How to meditate starting from 5 minutes meditation.
    • Yogic breathing exercises to cleanse the system of toxins and recharge the body with fresh oxygen.
    • Creative visualization
    • Yoga Nidra – a quick recharge mechanism




    Scientific measurements of stress levels and competency profile of a group of employees.

    The physiological and biochemical tests used to measure stress levels are: heart rate, blood pressure and salivary cortisol levels. The psychometric tests are used to measure positive and negative emotions (Emotional Quotient) and ability to deal with stressful situations (Perceived Stress Scale)

    The second type of psychometrics are to measure self competency, relational competency and role competency of the group members.

    Target Audience: All levels of management with high stress levels.

    Methodology & Protocol: Laughter Yoga Sessions are conducted  for a period of 3 weeks 5 days in a week with 15 minutes of laughter session every day in one or more departments. Physiological/Psycometeric tests are done in intervention group with control group before and after the sessions.A group of 40-50 people, taken from different departments and all levels, is recommended.


    After the successful completion of Laughter Yoga trial, in case the management decides to implement Laughter Yoga across the business, employees will normally be trained to run sessions, virtually eliminating the costs of running Laughter Yoga.

    Laughter Yoga International is developing an online psychometrics system to provide companies with ongoing feedback on the effectiveness and results of the Laughter Yoga program.

    This entails training the leaders who will run the Laughter Yoga sessions in-house on a regular basis. We will monitor and support the implementation program. 

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