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Ultradian Rhythm & Work Efficiency

Understanding Ultradian Rhythm For Peak Performance

The Ultradian Rhythm is a natural human cycle which occurs throughout the day. Human mind can focus and concentrate for 90 to 120 minutes at a time and work with sustained energy after which our attention span decreases and we need to take a break for at least 15 -20 minutes before we can focus once again. During this 20 minute period of ‘low energy' you are likely to feel sleepy and may find it difficult to concentrate and focus on your work. Most people try to divert their mind by having a cup of tea, coffee or cigarette. Though this may make you feel better for a short while, it increases the stress levels and has an adverse effect on your health.

How To Utilise The Ultradian Rhythm

For optimal performance one needs to understand the Ultradian rhythm and use the downtime in a way that it energizes you without indulging in harmful actions. The important thing about this break is that you don't talk or think about the task you were engaged in – do something completely different. In fact, any change will do the trick, so long as we really take a complete break. This will have you returning to your work, revitalized and calm, ready to take on the next piece of work with a refreshed mind.

Remember that you will perform any task more effectively if you take a twenty minute break every ninety minutes or so. But, many times this may not be possible when people are engaged in important sessions and meetings and taking a break becomes difficult.

Laughter Yoga & Ultradian Rhythm

Laughter Yoga exercises could be one of the best ways to beat the downside of the Ultradian rhythm. In fact, Dr. Kataria has done several successful short and energizing Laughter Yoga sessions during long conferences and trainings in the corporate world. In one of the HR conferences in Mumbai, he did 5 minutes Laughter exercises after every hour before the change of the speaker or subject. This practice has proved to be very practical for ongoing trainings and conferences where people cannot afford to take 20 minutes break after every 90 minutes!

This could also be a new way of increasing your efficiency in the companies and corporations. Try a and have a spare room as the 'Laughing room', where people can go several times in a day to refresh themselves so that they can focus more on their work. Five minutes of vigorous Laughter Yoga exercises is a great way to take a break and revitalize oneself. This idea is well suited for most IT companies where professionals sit for hours in front of computers. Laughter Yoga exercises will help to decrease their stress and help them avoid excessive tea drinking and smoking.

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