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Laughter Yoga For Call Centers

The last decade has perhaps seen the fastest spread of BPO centers which provide employment to a large number of youth entering the job market, ready to grasp new opportunities. These call centers have brought an economic independence to many young people and a sizable income to those worried about their careers. These jobs has given our undergraduates and graduates enough money to spend their weekends going to the movies, pub-crawling or spending into buying branded clothes and accessories. It has spawned parallel feeder industries like catering and transportation and has contributed towards the overall economic growth of our country.

But, the lure of easy and quick megabucks has its flipside. It is a well-known fact that many call centre executives today are expressing concern about their lifestyles and general health.

On The Flipside

Physical Health problems: Most of these jobs require workers to come in shifts with more jobs demanding employees to work in night shift. Working in night shift is good if done occasionally, but on a regular basis it has damaging consequences on a person’s health and everyday life. Working in BPOs entails a lot of effort and talking on phones for hours, very often right through the night which leads to sleep disturbances and several problems related to eyes and ears. Excessive fatigue, low energy levels and pains and aches are all an outcome of constant physical stress.

Mental & Emotional Health: Call centre employees are frequently at the receiving end of frustrated customers, which leads to feelings of hurt and lowers one’s self respect and self esteem. Negative emotions like anger, aggravation and helplessness set in further enhancing the levels of mental turmoil and stress. These circumstantial job hazards can lead to behavioral aberrations and a negative mind-set making these young people vulnerable to self - damaging tactics like suicide, aggression, anger and resentment. Stress in the work environment, alone already a health risk, may also lead to other unhealthy traits like smoking, drinking, binge eating or drug abuse. Odd working hours can make social life very irregular, and people have difficulty planning or making family meetings and relationships. Lack of time and hasty decisions can lead to faulty relationships with traumatic consequences.

Laughter Yoga – Best Remedy For Call Center Grievances

So, how does one tackle the seedy side of call centers? It is important to follow a fitness routine for both body and mind and what better than Laughter Yoga – a single exercise routine that reduces mental, physical and emotional stress simultaneously. Scientific research has proved that laughter is the best medicine to combat disease, relieve stress and strengthen the immune system. It is the safest, fastest and the easiest exercise for which can make a person feel much better and raise the level of fitness. Just 1 minute of mirthful laugher is equivalent to a 10 minute cardiac workout on a rowing machine, thereby making it a great aerobic exercise.

Indian physician Dr. Madan Kataria pioneered the concept of Laughter Clubs worldwide. He developed Laughter Yoga, a purely physical form of exercise that simulates laughter with playfulness and eye contact within a group. It does not rely on humor, jokes and comedy and anybody can do it.

Why Laughter Yoga For Call Centers

Laughter Yoga is a natural, fun and easy way to move towards wellness in a supportive environment of joy – a much needed requirement for call centers. It will enable one to feel better and help people to make positive choices in life. If one incorporates regular laughter sessions at the call centers, it will help change the work environment drastically by making people happy and cheerful, bringing positive mental attitude, hope and optimism in the workforce.

Laughter Yoga has the ability to elevate the mood within seconds by releasing endorphins; natural opiates which ‘kick start’ good feelings and make one feel safe and comfortable. It is also known to keep away negative emotions like anxiety and depression, which tend to weaken the immune system. As call center employees are more prone to frequent bouts of frustration and anger, Laughter Yoga is the ideal therapy to dissipate this anger and generate positive feelings of understanding and compassion. It will also increase communication skills to help in teambuilding thereby enhancing performance levels and profitability.

On the physical side, Laughter Yoga improves lung capacity and oxygen levels in the blood thus reducing complaints of asthma, bronchitis, migraines, insomnia etc. The increased level of endorphins reduces the frequency and intensity of arthritic pain and muscular spasms. It is also known to help with insomnia, migraines, allergies, and ulcers. As call center workers are prone to such diseases being in closed environment with bad lighting for hours, doing laughter exercises with deep breathing will solve all their problems.

Sitting for long hours also leads to the much dreaded ‘weighty’ problems among the youth especially women. But a hearty session of laughter on a regular basis has the ability to tackle the situation. It drastically reduces belly fat, which is difficult to shed even with the most intense exercise regime. Just a few laughs have the capacity to exercise the mid body. An hour of laughter can shed as many as 500 calories – well, if that isn’t great to keep one slim and pretty!

Laughter Yoga sessions at BPOs will create a positive energy, a more constructive work environment, a better sense of commitment and loyalty. Besides, it will provide a complete body –mind wellness for its employees and keep them well balanced both emotionally and socially.

So, just laugh not only to the bank, but also to Good Heath! Ha ha ha

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