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  • Place:Kwun Tong Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR
  • Phone: (852)8100-0670 / 6626-8406
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  • Services Offered: We are a Laughing Social Enterprise in Hong Kong to provide the laughing and yoga service to the community since 2012. Our objective is helping people in Hong Kong and Asia to regain their way to healthy and happy lifestyle.

    In our workshop and activities, we combine our expertise of social work & community building, body therapy, counselling, teaching and education, stress management and sound therapy, to help people in the community to regain happiness and health. We mainly provide the following services:

    Introduction to Laughter Yoga Workshop

    Laughing for Stress Management Course

    Laughing for Better Relationship Course

    Laughing Bridal Shower Party / Birthday Party

    Family Laughter Yoga Class

    Laughter Yoga for Stress Management Course

    Laughing Volunteer Training for corporates

    Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders Training

    Hatha Yoga Course for beginners

    Yoga Therapy

    One on One Laughing Session & Relaxation Therapy

    我們是全港首間提供愛笑瑜伽課程的社會企業。這裡有國際認可的愛笑瑜伽導師、美國瑜伽聯盟認可的註冊瑜伽導師以及註冊社工,為你提供一系列課程,令你可以快樂keep fit之餘,又能同時增進跟朋友、家人、伴侶及同事的關係,大大提升你的幸福和快樂指數!

    We are the first Social Enterprise providing laughter yoga courses in Hong Kong. Here we have Registered Laughter Yoga Teachers from the International Laughter Yoga Association, registered Hatha Yoga Teachers recognized by the Yoga Alliance and local registered social workers. We provide a series of activities not only for fitness and enjoyment, but also enable you to bond together with your friends, families, beloved partner and colleagues. Improvement of your level of happiness and bliss is what we aim for.

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