Joy to the World with Christmas Laughter

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Friday, 1 August 2014 01:38:20
Joy to the World with Christmas Laughter

 ....take us out to the ballgame! Kitty says "Hello!" and Santa "HoHoHo" while we partake in the best of summer nights at the Jethawks Stadium in Lancaster, California. Understanding "Keepers of the Christmas Spirit" bring joy to life with therapeutic laughter "laughter is the best medicine" "HoHoHaHaHa" "very good, very good, YAY!" , our words have power and will transform this world "your presence is our present": greed into generosity, scarcity into abundance, suffering into PEACE ON EARTH GOODWILL TOWARDS EACH OF US , "all around this globe". "Love is listening with the heart" "we call you Sparkles" "heart to heart hugs" #2Blessed2bstressed "we love our funny Elves" "how many elves do you need Santa?" "all of them" WE LOVE YOU ALL! Laughter heals....Joy to the World AD

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