5 Tips in Planning your Laughing Exchange Journey

Natalie Lui, Hong Kong SAR
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Sunday, 1 June 2014 16:03:41
5 Tips in Planning your Laughing Exchange Journey

Isn't it wonderful to meet other laughter buddies around the world? With the connection of facebook and email and whatzapp or even skype, we can connect other laughter buddies around the world in a more convinent way. In May 2014, I and my laughing friend went to Malaysia to visit our Malaysia Laughter Buddies. It is extremely fun and grateful to have such an experience, and would like to share some of the tips for arranging your laughing journey.


1. Greet your buddies in advance

As we are come from different backgrounds, it would be nice to greet your buddies at least one or two months in advance to see whether they are avaliable for meeting you. With the internet, we are connected in such a convinent way.  


2. Share your laughter

What is the best part of meeting your laughing buddies in another country? LAUGH! So, see if you can arrange a timeslot for laughing during your stay with your buddies, say at least 2 - 3 hours. So you can have some time to chat, taking pictures and share your laughters together. If not, may be see if you can join the local Laughter Club or even World Laughter Day event and celebrate together! That would be fun!


3. Laughing Souvenir

As a action of love, sharing and gratitute, you may wish to consider to bring a laughing souvenir for the host buddy. I love sharing the laughing tee or laughing product I designed in Hong Kong as a gift. Or you may wish to have some homemade gifts and cards which is very good. It is not about the value of the gift, but the intention behind. I love the buddies' gift from Malaysia and Taiwan~


4. Share Your Photos

It is always happy to meet new laughing friends and laugh together, may be you will visit to local attractions together too. Remember to take more photos and share with your buddies, either on Facebook or dropbox(www.dropbox.com). Email is not good for sending the photos as the file size is too large. You may also consider to have send via Whatzapp or Line, the mobile phone apps to share with them. 


5. Keep Connecting

Making new friends is good not only during the stay, but also after the stay, we can still keep in contact with the online platform. I know I am very lazy in keep connecting, but still I love to spare some time to connect with each other via facebook. 

Meeting the laughing buddies around the world is nice, and welcoming all the laughter buddies around the world to Hong Kong is even a blessful activity. If you are coming to Hong Kong, please drop by your message or email, and hope we can laugh together in Hong Kong :)


Love & Laughters,

Nat Lui


Website: www.yogamate.com.hk 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/yogamate

Email: programme@yogamate.com.hk 

Tel: 6626-8406 (Whatzapp)

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