5 tips for creating a laughing daily life

Natalie Lui, Hong Kong SAR
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Sunday, 1 June 2014 15:14:49
5 tips for creating a laughing daily life

During the past years conducting different laughing session in Hong Kong and around asia, I found that Hong Kongers are actually quite shy to laugh out loud. (Ok, I used to be that!) Another thing is people are too busy that they are too stress out to laugh or even don't have time to attend the laughter club, because of the packed schedule.

So, how can you create a laughing daily life if you cannot attend the laughter club? I find these tips are easier for the extremely busy or fully packed people to add laughters in their daily life.

1. Laughing Post-it or reminder stickers

If you are really want to do something in your daily life, I always shared with my buddies to stick some laughing reminder / post-it / laughing charm in somewhere they will pass by a few times everyday. Once you pass by, you will remember to laugh. Some of their favorite place is next to the TV/ toliet and pantry. Try it out! HAHA~


2. Laughing Cellphone Ringtone

Instead of using those beeping sound to create more stress, we will record the laughing sound in the laughing session and make them as cellphone ringtone. Everytime someone call you, and you will laugh. HAHA~


3. Laughing products

I don't really mean you need to change your bag, mugs or phonecase to smileys, but one piece of smiley product is good reminder, and makes you feeling happier on a stressful day.

4. Sharing is fun

Search for some videos or pictures that make you laugh, share with your friends and families. Finding these  these multimedia makes you have more laughters in daily life, and sharing is creating a more happier life within the relationship. 

5. Take time for being a kid everyday

What if we can spend half and hour to become a kid everyday, thinking nothing, not using the mobile phone, but playing our favorite sports or activities or even drawing or connecting with our friends and families? So work smart, but also play smart. We can set a priority playing time for ourselves to enjoy life. Playing and laughing are friends! HAHA~


What's your tips on creating a laughing daily life?



Nat Lui



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