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Natalie Lui, Hong Kong SAR
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Monday, 6 January 2014 15:13:16

Since 2012 May, I started the Portable Laughter Club. After the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training, I just find the idea of Laughter Club is fabulous! However, I found the Laughter Club with fix location and fix time slot makes those people who would like to join cannot join because of their working schedule or the venue of the laughter club. 

One day, I decide how about make it PORTABLE? The laughter club goes to different location to laugh in different months, and we have an online membership system, so that we can notify our members everytime we have new laughing activities. 


It is amazing that we have tried the laughter club on weekend, weekday night, lunch time and many crazy timeslot. We are now have around 650 members and they are from different countries and speaking different languages and staying in Hong Kong. 


If you are staying in Hong Kong for a while, and would like to laugh with us. Please visit our website : www.meetup.com/laughteryogahongkong and join us to laugh by RSVP .


Hope to laugh with you very soon! HOHOHAHAHA~


Love & Cheers,

Nat Lui


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