Life Changing Experience

Rajesh Baranwal, India
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Saturday, 21 December 2013 12:37:05
Life Changing Experience

      Hi, my name is Rajesh Baranwal and I am from West Bengal. I am now working as a team member of Laughter Yoga International.

      I was in search of true meaning of my life and also about what is the purpose of my life. I was helpless and unable to understand why God has sent me here in this world exactly for what purpose. Three months back, In September’2013 I came to meet my cousin in Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA), Bangalore. There I had finished my YIC yoga Basic learning course.

      Suddenly one day, I saw something written in the notice board in S-VYASA. The notice was about of hiring some students as a Laughter Yoga member. I don’t know what had happened to me after reading the Notice Board. May be some invisible power interred and trying to push me for the interview. I was very much excited but after a while I was feeling like “what is this crazy about becoming a laughter member”. This is my first thought came into my mind about Laughter Yoga. But soon I thought, I could join their as because I was in fond of my purpose. I joined here and now I understood about what is this “Laughter Yoga”.

     Earlier I had a question “what is this” but without answer and now I have experienced this question “what is this” and I have my answer. This is a magic to change the life into happiness and healthy world. By a couple of weeks, I got changed. My sorrow, my sadness, my depression and all disappeared and now I am enjoying my life. I am very much fit and fine.

     One more thing I want to share with you that earlier I was felt cold. Like how someone experience weather in a pleasant way, I use to experience weather by suffering from cold. It’s funny to hear but it’s true. After joining and doing regular laughing exercises I made myself healthy. Laughter exercises made me confident to take quick action for doing any work. I am really very proud on Laughter yoga as it changed my life and also thanks to Dr. K who gave me a chance to join his laughter world, unless I don’t think I would experience this ever.

     I won't say that I have seen anyone changed his/her life through Laughter but I can do one thing; i.e. I can represent myself as an example of life changing experience because In order to my past I am now happy, stress-less and confident . My health is also good.

     And lastly I would say, while laughing I feel that laughter generates a positive energy in our body and mind which improves our confidence level as well as makes us feel healthy.

So keep laughing and make others laugh, Ha.....Ha.....Ha.....

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