8th Australian Laughter Yoga Conference Summary

Merv Neal, Australia
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Friday, 1 November 2013 06:07:57

The 8th Australian Laughter Yoga Conference was a success in so many ways. We had people from all around Australia, USA, New Zealand, and Singapore in attendance. They came together to share ideas, as well as learn from experts in their fields. There were many highlights, so I’ll identify just a few to give you a sense of what happened, and also to coerce you to come along next year

Key Learnings

Whenever I attend a Conference or training event, I’m merely looking to learn and hear new things. Here is my personal list. I saw a powerpoint slide that showed a sign that said, “One Way Another Way”. This helped me to clarify to groups that I work with, that there are many ways to optimum health, and Laughter Yoga is just one of them. I also learned that I only have to exercise for 10 minutes a week to stay fit, and that one of the attendees “dead eye” is now alive due to laughter. We had a visit from ex Prime Minister Julia Gillard (it was only an impersonator but better than the real thing ha ha ha), did Rap Laughter in a Sydney alleyway, and found out that Laughter Yoga is being taught in schools in Rwanda by someone from Perth

Laughter Flash Mob

The highlight possibly for many was the Laughter Flash Mob that was put together in Sydney’s Hyde Park on Saturday night. This was done in the middle of their Noodle Festival, where there was an estimated 25,000 people in attendance. Without notice, a laughter session erupted and people joined in. Children, teenagers, and mums and dads all did the milk shake, 1 meter, and zipper laughter with gay abandon. There’s a video of it somewhere so watch out for it

Online Laughter Training and Session Planner

Sebastien Gendry from the USA launched his Online Training Packages and Laughter Session Planner. Imagine being able to construct a whole Laughter Session for any group anywhere in a matter of minutes. If you like to learn more then visit his website http://www.healinglaughter.org or send him an email at laugh@laughteryogaamerica.com His Online Training Packages are ideal for people who can’t attend normal training due to distance, disability, or work and life commitments

Aged Care Role Play

And something that I’ve never experienced before was an Aged Care role play. We were all aged care residents, in an aged care facility, and the Laughter Yoga facilitators were in character as presenters. Very funny and very insightful

Kidney Dialysis Research about to begin

This month we start our Research Study with Laughter Yoga and Kidney Dialysis patients. This is being done in conjunction with Deakin University in Melbourne, Queens University in Ontaria Canada, and Monash Medical Centre. We will be measuring increased lung capacity, as well as the impact laughter has on the wellbeing, stress and anxiety levels of people undergoing this treatment. When proven, this will have significant repercussions for anyone undergoing treatment for chronic illness. While the official report won’t be out for some time, I’ll keep everyone informed as to what we find along the way

Keep laughing


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  • Kym Goodman

    Thanks for these snippets Merv. Sounds as though you all had a magnificent time.
    Looking forward to hearing more about it in your next newsletter.

    Monday, 4 November 2013 12:08:41

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