A Message from a Laughter Yoga Leader Jennifer

Aasiyah N Ghazi, USA
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Wednesday, 5 June 2013 20:20:25
A Message from a Laughter Yoga Leader Jennifer

A message from Laughter Yoga Leader Jennifer

Dear all,

I led my 1st Laughter Yoga (LY) session last Sunday at Eagles Nest with the help of another leader, Gooi. Thank you for all the help and all the leaders that had attended, Azlan, Suraya and Guru.

A total of about 30 people turned up. Although a few of them were friends and families, I still felt great with the number of attendees for this first LY session. Unfortunately, we were too busy laughing and no one was 'free' to take any picture.

Initially, I was a bit nervous and there was a time when my mind was a total blank and I did not know what laughter exercise to do next. At that point, somebody's mobile phone rang! Thank goodness, that immediately reminded me that we could do mobile phone laughter..... hahahaha....

After the session, some participants actually asked if we will have the Laughter session on a regular basis. That to me is equivalent to "they love the session"!!

Yes, now we are having Laughter Yoga sessions once every 2 weeks, at the same place, same time!! Our next sessions will be on 28/2/10, 14/3/10 and 28/3/10, 10am at EaglesNest. Please come along and bring your friends, family members etc to share the joy and benefits of laughter!!!


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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 5 June 2013 20:20:25 )
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