New Laughs from brand new people to Laughter Yoga and also new Leaders

Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:10:44

A few days ago, during the training of 8 Laughter Yoga Leaders , 7 of whom had never experienced Laughter Yoga before ever, two ladies came up with two brand new laughs.

1. walking and balancing on a tight rope, arms straight out to balance, (like in a circus) and the laughs that go with that

2. Tug of war rope, this can be done with two teams or in partners, at each end pulling, Ho Ho Ho, the winning team pulling the losing team until they fall....Ha Ha Ha Ha

You could add to this and make it a circus theme Laughter Session,clowing, with juggling, eating fairy floss, eating hot food and spilling it on your self, all the ooos and ahs of the circus, Oh what child like fun.

Ho HO Ha Ha Ha


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