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Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 15:56:56

We just got home from a Fantastic night at a comedy Lounge. I laughed so much and 'so loud' that I won a ticket for two for a year, it was easy as I was laughing naturally, it was a fantastic night, and that is what happens after over five years of Laughter Yoga, our sense of humour grows and laughter arises much easier and more spontaneous. When I rang this morning to make the booking I spontaneously found myself laughing at what he had said and the man on the phone replied " Oh Wow what a great laugh that should be canned. (meaning recorded and used when needed) as the conversation went on, I laughed a second time and he said'Oh Wow there it is again, I just love your laugh' we were given a front table because of that phone call and my laughter.

Now I have a year of free comedies and lots more laughter, I am so grateful for my life with Laughter Yoga because it has transformed every other area of my life as well.

Let your joy out and be free to Laugh out loud.

Carolyn NicholsonTongue out

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