SMILE - A Poem

Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 11:40:36


Joy to the World

A smile on our face, makes the entire body

S m i l e

and also helps others to feel good about


Laughter keeps us in the present moment

Laughter keeps the worries from taking over

Laughter keeps us young at heart

Laughter keeps us closer to God

Laughter unites us all through the heart

When we laugh with our hearts and allow ourselves to be in this moment, our body. Begins to heal,

If we laugh regularly, our sense of humour grows, our worries decrease and our health


Laughter releases the button of depression

So that our natural Joy can emerge

Happiness comes from the mind of desire

and Joy can only be experienced from the


So give YOU , the most precious gift of Love and allow yourself to Laugh out loud often.

Carolyn Nicholson – Larfter Lady

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