Thanks Laughter Poem

Melanie Rudolph, USA
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013 18:49:02

Thanks Laughter Poem

Thanks Laughter For:

Connecting Me with the World

Reminding me of my Childlike Innocence

Helping me to Forgive others quicker

Reminding me that life doesn't have to be so Serious

Giving Thanks to the one Source of my Laughter, my Mother & Father

Deepening my Spirituality

Providing all the Wonderful Health Benefits

Allowing me to Laugh at Myself

Hearing the Sounds of Laughter around the World

Imaging the Sounds of Laughter from the Animals

Helping me to be Less Stressed

Reminding me to Laugh when I hear the Sounds of Laughter

For Allowing me to Create more Laughter in my Life

Giving me More Laughter so I can share with Others

Lighting up my Spirit

Freeing me from my Past

Letting my Face Glow from the after effect

Cheering me Up

Being one avenue for World Peace

Thanks Laughter, I Love You & I Laugh You Forever.

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