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Tuesday, 12 March 2013 14:42:29

So many months have passed since I wrote my last Laughter Yoga blog entry. It has been a challenge to find my way back here. Connection with my creative self, as a mode of expression and as a tool to guide me back to a place of balance, has felt inaccessible to me.  I know in my heart that the right moment to start writing will not come without my willingness to place fingers to keyboard and to start tapping away. Perhaps I can believe that it matters most that I allow my words simply to declare my presence. I’m here. Subject matter and craft will flow like a stirring and gently embracing breeze if I will but open the window.

I have been laughing and engaging with Laughter Yoga even as I have been struggling with health and family concerns. During these past months, I have shared Laughter Yoga with my weekly class, with a support group for people with cancer, during a wellness program for hospital staff, and as part of a conference for self advocates with developmental disabilities. I also have certified a new crop of Americorps volunteers as Laughter Yoga Leaders. This summer, I will teach a 6 week class for seniors. Maybe it is a sign of a reawakening that one LY class participant remarked recently that my classes have seemed more inspired lately. Perhaps, something is shifting inside me, shaking out the old and becoming more whole.  I am still feeling a taxing pull on my energies at the beginning of each class as if to be able to lead I must draw my words, movement and motivation out of a deep and weighty slumber. Somehow though, each week, sometime before the end of class, I am revitalized by Laughter Yoga, as if all I need to do is get out of its way.

That is what I am hoping will happen with writing essays again. By completing and submitting this short blog entry I am choosing to rejoin this community through my writing about Laughter Yoga and the ever changing ways it impacts my life.

Another reason for my protracted absence from writing essays for this blog is that I have made many aborted attempts to write about a time almost 16 years ago, following the suicide of my partner, when laughter - the sound of my own laughter, marked the moment when I, chose from my soul, to step back into life. It was a transformative moment of reintegration after living in a quasi-dissociated state for months. I wanted to share it with you but I think I am not ready or maybe it is not necessary at all. Laughter is healing and life giving. The sound of my own laughter brought me back to life. I am grateful for how it continues to remind me of how powerful it is. And I am grateful for being able to share it with you.

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