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Fran J Joseph, USA
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Tuesday, 12 March 2013 13:25:59
These are my buddies from one of the Laughter Yoga groups I facilitated for elders during the past year. Honestly, it was my favorite group. We stopped for the winter as many elder residents of “The Islands” of Lake Champlain in Vermont, travel south to keep warm during the winter months. Can’t blame them, really - I’d go too, if I could – brrrrrrr. Cold, shivering laughter – we do that a lot around here.
Laughter Yoga sessions are sponsored by C.I.D.E.R. , a small, wonderful and scrappy elder service organization that believed early on in what Laughter Yoga and I had to offer. The director, Robin Way, has been a proponent of LY ever since, always open to new ideas for generating greater interest and to seeking ways to help reduce inhibitions so that folks are more willing to give it a try. This year, we are planning an evening talk to introduce LY to elders and their families. We will open it to the larger community as well. Our hope is to demystify LY and to encourage greater participation.

This group has been lots of fun. We started with very few people - maybe four - in a large room where, simultaneously, other elders gathered for a communal, mid-day meal. Sometimes it was a bit distracting but I always hoped, and sometimes it happened, that people would meander over and join us. There was one man who wandered over repeatedly but never committed to participating. He insisted he wasn’t interested but kept coming closer. Winter and the southern exodus came before he actually took a chair to laugh with us. I think it was about to happen. We’ll see what happens this summer when we meet again.

Our group grew slowly with folks flowing in and out – typical of community Laughter Yoga groups, but we had a wonderful group of committed laughers. One day when our group was particularly small, we sat together knees touching, laughing and smiling. It was so intimate and sweet. Each had her hand on the next person’s thigh. Writing this reminds me that I really miss these guys. I can’t wait to see them again this summer.
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