Why Laughter Yoga ?

Marlene Chertok, USA
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Wednesday, 6 March 2013 18:52:19

I was trying to explain to an older man this evening what laughter yoga was about.

I began to tell him my story and how I began doing laughter yoga.  I told him how there was nothing wrong with humor or jokes but often someone is the victim and your laughter is dependent on someone elses sense of humor to make you laugh.   So,  I told him how laughter yoga has been better.  I have learned that if I am stressed or just want to laugh, I don't have to wait for movies or jokes or anyone else to stimulate me.  I can just laugh for no reason!!  And I began to laugh!   He was amazed - I saw the twinkle in his eyes.

One of the best parts of having a potentially life threatening illness as I have had, is that I realized finally that I didn't care what other people thought.  I wanted to get well and I was going to work for it.  And I didn't need anyone else to give me permission.   Perhaps that is why I stuck with the laughter yoga.

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