Laughter Yoga Strengthens the Immune System

Marlene Chertok, USA
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Wednesday, 6 March 2013 18:38:56

Laughter Yoga Strengthens the Immune System

Laughter Yoga can help strengthen the immune system and worldwide, Laughter Yoga participants have reported fewer colds and viruses.  I myself have not had a cold for 2 years.  This week I broke my record and became sick with a cold or flu, whichever it was.  I was an asthmatic and a very shallow breather.  Besides learning to find my laughter again, I was interested in Laughter Yoga as a way to improve my exhalation capacity and to see if I could gradually retrain my breathing.  I began doing Pranayama (Yogic Breathing) exercises every day along with Laughter Yoga regularly.  Gradually I did notice an improvement in my breathing and slowly, I noticed the wheezing lessening until I had no wheezing at all.  I go out for walks and am thrilled and amazed at how easily and deeply I can breathe now.  
This week, I had a bad cold (or flu, I'm not sure which).  I thought surely this will turn back into asthma.   This has been the real proof of the long term benefit of this work.  I had no asthma symptoms!  I even went out for a walk around the block up a hill to check myself - surely I would notice asthma with the bad cold going up a hill.  None!!   I am mostly recovered from the cold now and had no asthma at all!!  I have not been on any regular asthma medication for several years now.  I do keep an emergency inhaler around should I need it and if ever I would, I thought this week was going to be it.  No need.   I should add that I have been doing Laughter Yoga and Pranayama for 5 years now.  It has been a slow process - but it is possible to greatly improve ones breathing.  Laughter Yoga is definitely the most FUN way to improve ones breathing.Lau

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