Laughter the best medicine for Taoyuan veterans in Taiwan

John Tachen Cheng, Taiwan
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Wednesday, 6 March 2013 13:02:27

 Original report on Taipei Times 2010.9.16

Since the beginning of August, residents at Taoyuan Veteran’s Home have been practicing laughter yoga, filling the once-lifeless place with the sound of laughter. A month of laughter therapy has produced an almost magical effect, with some veterans rediscovering their youthful vitality.

Located in Taoyaun County’s Bade City, the home looks after over 700 veterans. Their average age is 83.3 years old, and five residents are over 100. Teng Hai-chiang, the home’s manager, said that when people get old, it’s hard to avoid getting sick, and some of the residents are plagued by numerous maladies. Some residents think they’ve lived long enough and don’t want to move around, while others are just waiting for the end to come.

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