LY-Love at First Trial

Dr Lee S T , Malaysia
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Wednesday, 6 March 2013 12:29:00
LY-Love at First Trial

A laughter friend who joined the Bukit Jalil Park Laughter friends Club fell in love with LY at first sight, oops! , first trial, and decided to introduce it to her group of friends which gave birth to a new Laughter Friends Club on 15 November, 2010 Monday morning , in Taman Jaya Park, a very beautiful urban park near Amcorp Mall, PJ.

I gave a brief explanation about laughter yoga and then led them into the four basic steps of LY, chanting and clapping hands, childlike playfulness, yogic breathing and some laughter exercises. Very quickly the members started to chant HOHOHAHAHA, laugh and dance joyously…and oh ya, they too fell in love with LY at first trial. HOHOHAHAHA VERY GOOD VERY GOOD YEAH

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