Federation Square Laughter Club - 1st January 2012

Lynette Mitchell, Australia
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Tuesday, 5 March 2013 18:26:36
It was my turn to facilitate the Laughter Yoga club in Melbourne, which is held on the first Sunday of the month at 11am. This time it turned out to be on New Years Day and it was hot, about 35 degrees Celsius. My husband John, Pete from our Ferntree Gully Laughter Club and myself caught the train into the city bright and early.

Not many people were about and quite a few appeared to actually be coming home from a night out on the town and so we did not know what to expect, being the first day of a bright and shining new year.

So few people around, the occasional security guard and not even the usual supervisor for Federation Square. The show must go on. No matter what. I committed to being there, not knowing whether people would realise it was still on. It felt like common sense to leave it till the next week, but then that would not be the first week of the month.

What a lovely surprise. Right on 11am four regulars came to share in the joy of Laughter Yoga. I was not the only leader; two of the ladies were club leaders. Marian from the Eltham Club shared a fabulous laugh, getting close to each other we squeezed our thumb and index finger together ‘I have that much limitation’ and then opening our arms widely to ‘I have that much potential’. It was so much fun, especially getting in really close and opening our hearts as we opened to the New Year.

Sharon who recently was the leader of the South Yarra Club shared some laughs and what I loved about her style was how she also, like me, let the laughs flow from one into another as I heard Dr Kataria share that way a few years ago. I love that, being spontaneous, in the moment, which leads to inspiration and flow.

John shared his usual one, the Archer and he did the Milkshake laugh with lots of sound effects, as learned by Phillipa Challis in November. It is a great thing coming together and no one does a laugh the same, we can learn so much from each other when we are willing to be open, receptive and giving.

Afterwards we took our time and had tea and coffee under some shade sails at a cafe, chatting away for ages and feeling really, really uplifted from making the effort to go into the city early and share our laughter and joy.

The day was made better by us all being adaptable and committed to what we said we would do and it really was a fantastic way to start the New Year off.

Luckily we had a bag minder, as since there was nobody on duty, there was no table, nor book to sign or a sign for the passers by explaining about the laughter club. Luckily also there were a couple of small gum trees and so we chose to do the session next to them on the steps, rather than out in the open in the hottish sun. Just enough shade for the six of us to squeeze into together.

It was altogether surprising really, as previously I have been quite inhibited before taking up Laughter Yoga and did not join the others for a cuppa afterwards. However this was different and I was reminded again about the power of love and community spirit, especially when laughter lovers come together in good fun and laugh for no reason.

So thanks to all who were there making it such a great time.

And a reminder to those Melbourne-ites who are reading this right now – the Australia Day Celebrations are just around the corner and you too will have the time of your life if you get out there, despite the weather and join in. We will be joining in the Australia Day March to the Kings Domain Gardens and doing a Laughter Yoga session on the main stage for the public to join into and perhaps experience Laughter Yoga for the first time in their lives.

Hope to see you there.

Love and Laughter.

Lynette Mitchell xx oo

Above: John (on left) leading the Archer laugh.

Below: Marian (in green on left) leading 'I have this much limitation and this much potential'

Below: Ho Ho, Ha Ha Ha - Happy bunch breathing in between the laughs. From left Sue, Lynette, John, Pete, Sharon, Marian.

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