Laughter Yoga for Year 8 Girls at Melbourne Girls' Grammar School

Lynette Mitchell, Australia
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Tuesday, 5 March 2013 18:25:49

Recently John, my beloved husband and I presented a Laughter Yoga session for 85 Year 8 girls and 6 teachers at another Melbourne Girls' Grammar School, which was a coincidence as the previous week we did one at Methodist Ladies' College.

Both schools are very old traditional schools in eastern Melbourne suburbs. This particular one was also a learning experience to work with so many exhuberant young ladies, who naturally laughed in small groups of their friends. For me it was quite different than other sessions that we have run before and fortunately there was an excellent sound system, as it was outside on the tennis court.

Initially the teachers were looking on and were reluctant to join in, feeling it was for the young kids and we encouraged them to laugh also. We were surprised how quickly they dropped their reserve and threw themselves into the laughter.

It was a very uplifting experience and so wonderful to be with such high energy people, the future leaders of our society. Hopefully there will be many future opportunities to work with the young, as well as the elderly people who benefit so much.

Laughter Yoga is a sure fire way to break into new positive patterns of behaviour, it gives us the experience of a new way to laugh and share love and community spirit with each other, creating a whole new wonderful way of being.

Here are some pictures which give you an idea of the joyousness that was experienced by all on the day. Enjoy.

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