Telephone Laughter Clubs

  • Online Laughter Club

    Skype laughterclub, brings the laughter home to you.

    Now everyone can find a laughter club at home or at the office, all you need is a computer, internet connection, Skype and a head set. Add laughterclub to your contacts and you are in.

    From Monday to Friday Anu 8 am GMT and Anton at 9 pm GMT.

    Mon-Wed-Fri Donna at 10 am GMT.

    There are some trouble with the GMT time and daylights savings time for the GMT time does not change. But just keep trying and you’ll find the right time to laugh. In the future we won’t have this problem anymore, for we will have 24 laughter sessions one for every hour. To accomplish that, we are hiring new leaders. The pay will be a good hearty laughter. Please contact us if you have at least one time at week when you can lead a laughter session. It is always one good laughter more.

    The Skype club is all about laughter, ten minutes of laugh is such an awesome break during the day.

    The best way to contact us is trough Facebook.

    Love and laughter,
    Anu, Anton and Donna

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