Benefits of Laughter Clubs

  • A Network Of Caring-Sharing Relationships

    Social Laughter Clubs have the power to reach beyond the healing of laughter. The effective network of caring-sharing relationships is the key to a happy and healthy life. Relationships with people with whom we laugh regularly can become very strong. Read these examples that prove the strong bonding power of these Clubs:

    A Laughter Club member was devastated when his uninsured shop burned down. He was ruined; the fruit of twenty-five years of hard work vanished, leaving him in debt with no means of supporting himself and his family. Members of his Laughter Club pooled together and raised money to rebuild his shop and provide new stock, rebuilding the life of someone they held dear to themselves.

    Similarly an elderly Laughter Club member was shattered when her husband of more than forty years passed away, leaving her alone in the world. She had married early and never worked. Feeling her life was over, she went into a black depression, refusing food and not leaving her bed. Fellow Laughter Club members arranged medical care and medication, and took turns staying with her throughout the day, bringing her treats and cajoling her to eat, but most importantly, being there for her and providing emotional support. After three months she recovered. Convinced that her life would have ended without Laughter Club, she started a new Laughter Club in a nearby school where she runs daily Laughter sessions for students, to this day.

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