Merv Neal

What’s your strategy? How will you win the war?

The word strategy means “to trick or deceive the enemy”. It’s an old military term that I learned in my six years serving in the Royal Australian Air Force. So how does this relate to business? If you don’t have a clearly defined business strategy, then you risk failure at the hands of the enemy, aka the competition.

Adding New Leaders For Prozone Membership

As you’re aware that certified teachers don’t have to buy certificates from the website, instead we are sending pdf copy of the leader certificate which can be printed and given to the trainees. According to the new rule, teachers are required to pay USD10 per leader and submit their names & emails.

Laughter Yoga – The Science Of Breathing

This document is very important for all Laughter Yoga professionals as it will help them to explain the scientific rationale of laughter and breathing during their workshops, trainings and seminars. Please have a look at the pdf of this document which is profusely illustrated and can be printed and given as a handout.

Laughter Yoga vs Laughter Therapy

Many Laughter Yoga professionals want to know if they can promote Laughter Yoga as therapy. Now, although Laughter Yoga has therapeutic effects, it is not to be offered as therapy because when you give any service as therapy, it involves liability issues. More so, most countries have complex laws with several rules and regulations before anyone can get an approval.

Laugh Out Loud For Good Health

Laughter is undoubtedly the best medicine. And Wellness Laughter Yoga aims to deliver just that by holding laugh out loud sessions at Lewes library and other places in coastal Delaware.

Merv Neal

The importance of an Elevator Speech(es)

An elevator speech is never delivered in an elevator. Its origin is in the concept, that if you got into an elevator and somebody asked you what you do, you have 30 seconds between the ground and the top floor to tell them. The skill is not in the delivery of “one” Elevator Speech, but the ability to have “many of them”, ready to go, when required.