A Day without Laughter Is A Day Wasted!

Lots of people think I have gone bonkers when they see me doing Laughter Yoga. This is the most common first reaction from people, who feel we are completely mad and loony as we laugh for no reason. They stare but we don’t care – we’ve shaken off the last of any inhibitions and we’re laughing mad together hahaha!

Laughter Yoga Restores Psychological & Physical Health

Laughter Yoga instructor and kinesiologist Amy Kiara Ruth conducts Laughter Yoga classes in Vancouver to help people restore their psychological and physical health. This unique exercise routine provides practitioners with an easy pathway to health and happiness.

Laughter Yoga For Cancer Survivors

Cancer today is a major killer and has become a life issue which affects everyone. It is not easy for cancer patients or survivors to find humor and laughter in the face of such a serious matter. But it has been proven that laughter can be therapeutic as it helps to lift the spirits, relieves physical and emotional stress and makes one feel more positive.

Do Laughter Yoga For Good Health – It Really Works

Among the many care and wellbeing measures provided by the Treemont Retirement Community for seniors in Houston, Laughter Yoga happens to be the ‘best medicine’ for the mental and physical upkeep of the elderly and retired people.

Can a FREE Laughter Club make you money? Mine does!

There are many reasons to run a FREE Laughter Club. It’s a way of giving back to the community, it improves your presentation skills, it’s where you create and identify new laughs, and it’s where you can make new friends. But can it also make you money? The answer is quite simply yes!

Laughter Yoga Rocks Sebastopol

Laughter Yoga instructor Monnet Zubieta has people in Sebastopol, California, rocking with glee in her laughter sessions. She is dedicated to rip-roarin’ laughter and her mission is to bring more joy and laughter to her life as well as into the lives of others.

My LY Teacher wrote a book entitled “Recommendation of Laughter Yoga”

Mr. Tadao Okubo, my laughter-yoga teacher has written a book entitled “Recommendation of Laughter Yoga.” Subtitled “Laughter Yoga to Activate In-company Communication,” this book recommends that laughter-yoga exercise be practiced to activate internal communication in small and medium-sized enterprises.